Recommended Breads

Here are bakeries or brands where you can get healthful breads that are organic and processed using traditional methods.

Choosing to eat grains isn’t so black and white. Eating gluten free isn’t the answer to being healthy. Being oblivious to the facts that gluten sensitivity does exist isn’t helping anyone either. There is grey in between black and white and there are many shades of grey to consider so that we can truly understand which grains to avoid, why some should avoid grains and glutinous ingredients at all cost and when and how is it o.k. to consume grains IF your body is strong and healthy enough to tolerate it. 

The right kind of bread helps you live a long life. The wrong kind of bread ages you.

Most of the breads on the market have been adulterated to the point of non-recognition (by our bodies). Find the kind of breads our ancestors consumed that contributed towards their longevity. Find the kind of breads you can choose right now even though you don’t live in the olden days, in one of the Blue Zones of the world or in a bubble. 

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Amanda and Scott Peterson of Oat’s and Ivy Farm are launching their own CSB (Community Supported Bakery/Bread) program in Somis, legally baking at home as granted by the 2013 Cottage Food Act (AB1616). Using long fermented whole grain flour as the cornerstone of their process, the Oat’s & Ivy bread will be some of the healthiest and most delicious you will find in Ventura County.

Interviewing Thierry 3


Thierry from Les Delices Du Four French Bakery
Farmer’s market Westlake Village
Sells delicious fermented organic sourdough text



Prager Brothers
(760) 703-1904
Carlsbad, CA





Josey Baker
Baker Bread




Andy Kadin
Bub and Grandma’s




Nan Kohler
Grist and Toll




Nathanael Siemens
Fat Uncle Farms




Alex Weiser
Tehachapi Grain Project




Crystal White
Wayfarer Bread





Chuck Barth
Slow Food Ventura County, Connector




Roxana Jullapat
Friends & Family



More resources and bakeries throughout the U.S where you can get sourdough, soaked or sprouted breads made from freshly ground organic whole grain flour, without additives such as gluten, soy, bran and partially hydrogenated oils.


Pain Au Levain Bread
Sourdough Rye Bread
Acme Bakery
(510) 524-1327


Russian Sourdough Bread
Sourdough Rye Bread
Vital Vittles
(510) 644-2022


Sunflower Seed Bread
Lydia’s Organics
(707) 992-0776


Sourdough breads
Prager Brothers
(760) 703-1904
Carlsbad, CA


Mill using whole grain stone milling
Grist & Toll
(626) 441-7400


Farmer Larry Kandarian


Perfect Sourdough Facebook Group


Udemy online bread making classes


For a complete list of healthy breads, Weston A. Price Foundation has a wonderful web-based shopping guide. Sort your search to breads and rating to “Best” to find a store near you or online. Also in iPhone, mobile app.


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