APPs to Find Local and Seasonal

Eating locally and seasonally is better for you and your wallet.

Here are some great APPs I use to find local and sustainable sources.

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Use the USDA Farmers Markets Search to find one near you. Due to their flexible locations, some community farmers markets provide fresh, healthy foods when other sources aren’t as easily accessed.

If you’re not familiar with what’s “seasonal” where you live, it’s not too difficult to find out.

Veggie Base helps consumers pick the best seasonal fruits and vegetables, has a farmer’s market directory and includes Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen list. helps you quickly find your closest market and see what’s happening at farmers markets around you.

FindFruit (Neighborhood Fruit) Use this app to locate fruit trees growing in public spaces. Users can also search fruit trees in their area according to seasonality, type, and proximity.

Locavore is another app that helps consumers find out what local foods are in season, and locate the closest farmers markets selling them. The app has lots of information about local producers and provides seasonal recipes to best use fresh, local ingredients.

Food Routes can help you connect with local farmers and start eating the freshest, tastiest food around. Find your local food on their interactive map, listing farmers, CSAs, and local markets near you.

Seasonal Produce Guide can help you explore different fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Here is a great source that compliments with your farmer’s market shopping. You may not a farmer’s market that is close to you or when it is available, you aren’t. At times this source could be a replacement.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture): You could also shop locally and seasonally from a CSA. This is the CSA I use: – *

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It delivers organic fruits, vegetables, local goods & artisan products fresh from the field/rancher/producer to my door.You can customize your box. You can choose (& change) the size and type of box that works for you. You can even skip deliveries or change your delivery frequency to fit your schedule. * I earn a small commission if you use the link in this article to purchase the products I mentioned. I only recommend products I would use myself or that I use with my clients. Your purchase helps support this site and my ongoing research.

Find a local CSA.

It pays (nutritionally, financially and socially) to shop locally and seasonally.

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